Difficulties Associated with Corporate Travel Management Process


Tess360 - Difficulties associated with Corporate Travel ManagementHave your corporate travelers ever considered how much time is spent in the hotel room when they are traveling? However, corporate travelers often seem to forget this aspect or not concerned about the cost of booking at the last moment because it is not their personal money. If your corporate travelers would get reimbursed for their travel costs, it is unlikely they will go out of their way to save a few dollars. Even when employees comply with their company’s travel policy, they tend to spend at the upper limit of their allowance: no one is volunteering to fly coach when they could fly business class instead. You see the point?

Most people know that it makes sense to book in advance to get cheaper air fares or that a room in a 3 star hotel is going to be adequate for their stay and cheaper than the 4 star next door. Business travel is never planned and managing travel costs is a major challenge.

Many corporate travelers will book what suits their own personal needs, instead of the most cost effective option. This is the time to really challenge your corporate traveler’s behavior patterns and make some significant changes to your organization. This is where a good corporate travel solution works effectively in any organization.

Many organizations suffer from inefficient processes. Manual processes make it difficult to stay on top of the incoming costs, particularly if you have hundreds of employees sending their information. This problem gets even worse if you handle paper receipts, as they may be hard to read or provide an incomplete record into the costs.

Another issue faced by an organization and its corporate travelers, is the length of time taken to reimburse the traveler for out of pocket expenses. Take a moment to think about the length of time taken to approve or deny employee reimbursement? If you handle travel expenses after the fact, you do not want to leave your employees waiting to get their money back. You could end up with people refusing to go on business trips or building up resentment with the organization.

Many factors lead to delayed employee reimbursement, from waiting too long to process an expense report to missing key information. Audit your current process and look for the problems that contribute to the speed issues. You may need to limit the time that employees can submit the necessary paperwork or have a list of fast approval expenses.

Therefore, if you want to ensure that trips run smoothly, expenses are well-managed, and employees adhere to travel policies, you should work with our mobile app solution. Our solution has the right processes, reporting and auditing tools in place. Otherwise, you will end up wasting more money, facing greater risks, and providing a bad experience for your organization and your employees.

Our solution that comes in both Mobile App and Web App, aims to eliminate travel challenges faced by Organizations and its employees. Our solution delivers the following key features.

  • Reduce Potential Delays and Errors in Travel Expense submission
  • Capture Receipts via Mobile Interface with powerful OCR feature
  • Matches expenses with the appropriate authorization items
  • Audit each report for exceptions
  • Communicate with employees for missing information/receipts

Our corporate travel solution frees up your employees and gives you more control over compliance and costs. To learn more about our mobile app solution, please contact us for a demonstration of TESS360..