Benefits of TESS360

Business Trip Expenses, Travel Management Solution

Business Trip Expenses

TESS360 is 24×7 Virtual ASSISTANT for your Business traveler. TESS360 is a Cloud-based Travel and Expense solution that streamlines trip planning, authorization,  corporate travel booking and  expense reimbursement processes.


Our Mission revolves around the pillars of Employee retention, Corporate Travel Policy compliance, Cost Containment, Pre-Travel Authorization, Risk Visibility and Providing integrated solutions..

Corporate Travel and Expense Management

Key Features by TESS 360

Corporate Travel and Expense Management

TESS360 is a cloud-based SaaS solution which is known to be a virtual assistant for all business travelers. TESS360 comes with Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning capability that augments further automation of corporate travel management and travel reimbursement process.

The ultimate goal of TESS360 is to bring in efficiencies in Corporate Travel and expense management leading to retention of employees, cost containment and providing integrated solutions for the business. TESS360 provides cloud-based solution with powerful OCR feature that enables user to scan, track and report business trip expenses and non-travel expense with its expense management/tracker feature. All expenses can be controlled by defining limits and entitlements against each expense, designation, cost center and at project level. Organizations and businesses gain visibility into budget overrun risks, non-compliance with strong Audit feature available in TESS360.

TESS360 has an amazing dashboard and reporting feature allowing users, managers to drill down to specific trip planning, costing of an individual or team. TESS360 being a cloud-based platform can be used from all the devices including IOS, Android along with web browser.


The Best cloud based SaaS solution targeted to automate manual and time intensive Travel authorization and Reimbursement process.

Keeping You In Control x

Streamline the travel expense management processes in your business Tips


TESS360 provides an integrated corporate travel solution for Corporates within one package, and is capable of seamlessly integrating with major ERP and Accounting systems.

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TESS360 saves businesses time and money, and is flexible enough to suit businesses of any size.
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TESS360 saves you from all those woes that would otherwise be bothering you. With a advanced dashboard, TESS 360 puts you in full control.
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